Diversity is the key to innovation and the foundation of my writing experience. As a technical writer, I am drawn to explanatory prose and I appreciate all forms of creative non-fiction.

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I use a rhetorical approach to understand complex systems. These writing examples can demonstrate my ability to consider human tendencies and contextual situations:

Case Study: Challenger space shuttle disaster
Rhetorical Argument: Electronic Cigarettes and Public Health

Science and Technology

I have a background in biological and health science, which was my sub-plan for my bachelor’s degree in Scientific and Technical Communication. I studied communication theory with an emphasis on science writing for popular audiences and writing on issues dealing with science and technology:

Imitation Article for Wired Magazine: Anaerobic Digestion
Literary Analysis: Culture Nature Divide

Imitation Article for Science Times: Topological Quantum Computation

Wiki Entry: What is Science Writing?

Audience Analysis

During my audience analysis for a website redesign, I completed several interviews to discover information that users want. I was touched by this story and intrigued by this interviewees perspective on monetary considerations that were difficult to talk about.

User Research: Character Vignette

Communication Theory

I love philosophy, science, and technology so communication theory is one of my favorite topics. Check out some of my reflections about communication modes and methods, and learn a bit about some of my personal experiences.

Communication Theory and Analysis: Media Theory and Technical Determinism

Social Media: Computer Mediated Communications in Virtual Communities

Wearable Technology Project: Multi-modal Composition

Technical Definition

I have become increasingly interested in service design to enhance customer engagement, but my passion to improve processes evolved organically from my experienced in the restaurant industry. Often, I faced disconnects between procedures and customer satisfaction. I wrote a recommendation report for my employer to implement a checklist, based on framework of this business philosophy.

Technical Definition: Total Quality Management (TQM)