Developing my personal website using Adobe Creative Suite

Check out my interactive resume  I created using the Adobe Creative Cloud. Read on to learn about my process.


  1. Functionality: The site must inform job recruiters of my skills and professional accomplishments.
  2. Business goals: The site must convince job recruiters that I can fulfill job requirements for content strategy and technical writing positions.
  3. User needs: The site must allow job recruiters to skim my skills and professional experience, invite them to learn more about my professional abilities, and guide them to contact me about jobs.

Analyze, Research, & Synthesize

Before we can develop a design, I use all the information available to make informed decisions, solidify the scope for the project, and anticipate challenges.

  • Inventory analysis: I updated my LinkedIn profile and updated my resume in Illustrator.
  • Competitor analysis: I searched for other examples of online resumes, portfolios, and curriculum vitaes. Specifically, I considered their choices for layout, spacing, and colors, and examined any interactive elements. I identified things to recreate and things to avoid.
  • Establish Goals/MoSCoW prioritization: I contacted potential references and decided which and how elements would be interactive.


  • Conceptual Model: I modeled my interface to resemble a one-page resume. I included an objective, skills, employment history, and references in a familiar sequence for job recruiters. The interactive elements anticipate a recruiter wanting to know more about my bullet points.
  • Prototype: I created a prototype using Adobe Muse to design content, layout, and interactivity before coding the final site in Dreamweaver.

Test & Refine

  • Usability testing: Some interactive elements were not helpful for the user and several links needed improvement. I removed the transition for my logo so it wouldn’t move around the page when the user clicked on a top navigation button. I also styled interactive elements to change when moused over. I also included down arrows to signal a user to click, and repaired broken links.
  • Peer review: I received feedback to correct the spacing between sections, and to make interactive elements more apparent for users.

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