An iterative approach to design usable sign-up forms

I gained experience as an interactive project manager while creating two surveys for Training and Usability Services (at the University of Minnesota) that are currently in use.

During my internship in Usability Services, I learned the survey software Qualtrics to develop one form for Usability Services and one form for Training Services. This project exemplifies my value as a project manager, content strategist, and user-experience designer.

This project demonstrates my skills in:

  • taking direction and translating that direction into solutions
  • creating and using prototyping and design tools
  • understanding business and application requirements, and prioritizing and identifying user tasks and goals
  • researching and understanding industry trends, and new developments in survey software
  • comfortably and confidently presenting work to internal group partners

And my experience:

  • leading a creative project, managing ambiguity, and bringing a solution to life
  • managing an interactive project and implementing iterative design methodology
  • working effectively within technical, creative, and budgetary constraints
  • quickly and efficiently identifying and prioritizing requirements across multiple projects
  • effectively communicating and working on a team

Final deliverables

Usability Services Intake Form
Usability Services Intake Form
Group Training Services Intake Form
Group Training Services Intake Form
Intake Forms Report
Intake Forms Report

Internship Report

My Intake Forms Report thoroughly explains my project management plan and process, including descriptions of the planning, drafting, and outcomes of this process.

A preview of my Project Report

Project Documents

  • Intake Project Meeting Recap
    I updated team members with a recap of our first meeting.
  • Meeting Agenda
    I scheduled and lead meetings with the project team and with individual team members to advance the project and meet deadlines.I learned:

    • organization: how to use Google Calendar to plan and invite people to meeting I also learned
    • leadership: what to expect from large groups and how to redirect conversations back to meeting topics
    • agility: how to adjust my agenda based on unpredictable conversational tangents

Affinity Diagrams

  • User Flow Chart
    I learned that, rather than creating a complex design with different paths for different users, it is wiser to eliminate extra steps and find a basic path that can work across user-types.
Usability User task flow
Usability-User task flow

Editorial experience

I learned to work with the information available to accomplish the easy wins first, and then fill in the gaps as the project progressed. I learned better methods to develop and prioritize tasks, and how important it is to prioritize questions.


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